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The Sacred and Profane Art of Being a Woman ~ 10 Week Immersion by Living Realized



Learning the sacred and profane art of being a woman today in this world meant I had break free from the stereotypical expectations of womanhood and choose consciously to develop my own path of woman.

The sacred and profane artistry of being a woman meant, facing, welcoming and redirecting myself into more authenticity.  I was taught (and perhaps you were to) from an early age how to hide myself. Recovering aspects of myself meant I would meet some profane edgy places with self acceptance which needed to be owned and revealed to the world. Revealing the more authentic nature of my woman – desires, wants, needs, aspirations, dreams and more – was and still is, the most cutting edge transformational work I’ve done, and continue to do!

Almost immediately into the work of self-ownership, I soon realized how sacred the path of being a Realized woman was to be.

These parts I deemed not okay were loaded with wisdom and guidance stemming from the sacred intuition and untapped potential inside of me. Almost immediately life felt like artistry, fulfillment and most of all freedom!

Women, I want this for all of us!

Let’s immerse ourselves into the undoing of these ways together and realign ourselves, with passionate embodiment of purpose, sexuality, and thriving relationships!

Are you in?!

Intuition -It’s not a thought, but a feeling. 

It’s the wild woman inside of me,

that keeps me strong despite the storm. 

It’s a strange and sometimes subtle truth.

It’s louder than ever before.

(Poem by Lyra Brown 2013)


“For a long time women scared me I barely understood and accepted myself let alone other women. My experience of this changed the moment I stepped onto the path of women’s work. Lorena Palazzo – 


In 10 weeks we will address the following topics:

  1. Waking up to My Woman? – On our first meet-up we’ll kick off by sharing with each other how we woke up to the woman we are and Why Other Women? –  How will these other women help you on your path of wholeness.  The success of our weeks together rely heavily on how we support each other. Her Truth Matters   Why does your truth matter to other women? Women can either by sugary nice or sour like vinegar with the women in their lives. We tend to live somewhere between not trusting and or managing our insecurity of being a woman around other women…
  2. Sitting At The Altar of Our Origins – Understanding the origins bestowed upon us by our parents – grandparents or guardians hold the keys to our self-empowerment such as; success in relationship, purpose, health, vitality, sex/sexuality and more!
    –Together we’ll put some attention on the matriarchal imprint: Who am I – with, or without her? Each woman will sit at her Mother’s altar to better understand the origins of her Mother’s lineage.
    –The patriarchal imprint.  Who am I  – with, or without him? Each woman will sit at her Father’s altar to better understand the origins of her Father’s lineage.
  3. Let’s Unpack Our Baggage  Women together we’ll sit in what I like to call the cleansing circle. We’ll witness the  unpacking of our more vulnerable and stuck womanly baggage.  
  4. The Art of Owning Our Emotional Triggers  – Unfortunately in our conditioning we’ve become so afraid of our emotional triggers. We’re frightened to show our emotions, and often they come out the wrong way disabling us from staying in contact with reality and the moment. Men find our emotions hard to be with, often because they’re not taught how to welcome their own emotions let alone ours, but also because, we as women don’t quit  know how to best handle our emotions. We tend to deliver them as attack or release them in wild and un-owned ways, which tends to set us up for disaster after disaster. Together we’ll learn how to track, own and relate from our emotional triggers!
  5. Owning Our Wylie Woman   Think Wylie Coyote and Road Runner. Wylie had many tricks and ways of trying to get the attention of Road Runner, to get her and trap her.  We all have these types of Wylie ways in us from the Profane to the Sacred archetypes of each.
    –The Seductress, The Grand Manipulator, The Victim, The Competitive Cunt, The Sneaky Slut, The Highly Strung One, —-The Agreeable One, The Disagreeable One and More..
    Together we’ll discover more about her and her sacred and profane ways and learn how to invite her from being a Wylie nemesis to a productive ally!
  6. Relationship Part One – Wanting It So Badly  We’ll take a long deep look at the profane way of our desperate driver and how she’ll not stop until she gets her relationship. Often (unfortunately) this will mean we land into hap-hazard connections which tend to come along with ‘just enough chemistry and compatibility’ and off we go into some sort of relationship we call love and romantic and try to build a life together. We need a part one and part two to this topic because there’s so much to unpack, learn, reveal own and realign with. 
  7. Relationship Part Two – A Thriving Path of Sacred Growth  Relationship is a major part of our life. We’ll do relationship as much as we do other fundamental aspects of life. Yet often, we’re find ourselves at a deficit or on shaky ground about how to do this part of our life. Together we’ll look at relationship as a thriving path of sacred growth by learning the ways to design relationship to have more authenticity, depth, connection, intimacy, purpose and pleasure. 
  8. Woman’s Embodied Sexuality Part One – How To Own The Sex in My Body As women we’re often confused by the romantic and non-romantic notion of sex and sexuality. In the conditioning of our sex we have all kinds of ingredients that Fuck us Over (pun intended). We have our own family lineage of stuff, society’s stuff, school and religious stuff, and not to forgetting to mention, any trauma we have had.. All of this limits and takes us away from the most generative aspects of our Sex,  Orgasms, Pleasure, Sensual Intimacy, Desire. And more!  Let’s release ourselves from these potential blocks.
  9. Woman’s Embodied Sexuality Part Two – Love Me Tender And Fuck Me Good! Asking for what we want the way that we want it is an edge for most women. We’re often not sure how ask for both the love and tenderness from our partner and then turn around and ask him for the sex you want the way you like and need it. This can be a really edgy place for women. They risk being seen in ways that they themselves deem as not okay. Like: Being too much. Too kinky. Too Wild and and much much more! Women, it is our sole responsibility to give ourselves the sex we deserve and want by teaching our partners (through inspiration) how to give it to us!  
  10. Realize Your Woman – End your 10 Week Immersion time with a presentation. We want to see you through the lens of how you wish to be seen. Present us something, or share something that needs to be shared before we wrap, regardless, step forward and Realize yourself with us. Let us breathe you in!
  • NOTE: Women, you will be leaving group with your own personalized Living Realized – Woman’s Wholeness Journal! 



How the Immersion works:

Meet every Wednseday for 10 weeks

Commence: September 27th 2017


Time: 7p to 10p (hard start and hard finish)
(please arrive  on time) and please no dinner during group, take care of yourself with food prior.


We’ll provide tea, coffee, water, and light snacks.

This will be a Closed / Confidential Container

Contact either Lorena at: 720.371.9010 or Beth at 720.474.0140 for any questions you might have. 

Sujana Lorena PalazzoLorena,  founder of Living Realized LLC, brings years of experience to women’s work. Lorena is passionate about providing a safe container for women to be expressive with each – in service of cultivating intimacy among women in community.

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