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What Other’s Say

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Lorena was born to do this work. It is so clearly her purpose – she cares so much about each person she works with, she remembers every detail and thread of past discussions and can track your progress with incredible precision. She is brilliant and intuitive in getting to the crux of the issue and helping you work through it with power and grace and infinite love for yourself. It is a beautiful experience (more…)

Lorena is one super powerful facilitator, coach and human being! I would highly recommend her on all levels: professionally and personally!

I’ve been working with Lorena for more than a year now and I continue to be impressed with her compassion, her focus and her presence and how that translates into support and encouragement for my growth and development. I genuinely love my life and Lorena’s participation and coaching is a big reason why!

Lorena is truly amazing in her capacity for insight and support. She’s helped me recognize many of my truths and pushes me to discover more. Through working with her I now have insight into (and the ability to own up to) my sh*t and have the proper tools to navigate through those murky waters all the while staying in love and connection with myself and with the one to whom I’m relating. I can’t recommend (more…)

Lorena has a gift for expressing your truth in a way that you yourself may not be able to articulate.

She’s incredibly present in her listening and she takes cues from your words, your tone, your body language, your history and her own wisdom and intuition to form a coherent understanding of your deeper meaning.

Then she’s able to surface that meaning in a constructive way that serves the resolution (more…)

Working with Lorena has been incredible. Specifically, I’ve been impressed with how quickly her coaching has permeated my life. And every time I experience a powerful insight or produce a great result, she celebrates my victory, and then take me a little deeper. What a rich experience.