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The Sacred and Profane Art of Being a Woman ~ A 10 Week Women’s Immersion



Learning the sacred and profane art of being a woman in the world today meant I had to break free from the stereotypical expectations of womanhood and choose consciously, to develop my own path of being woman.

How did I do this?

The sacred and profane artistry of being a woman… meant facing, welcoming, and redirecting aspects of myself shrouded in conditioning and hidden in shadow. 

I was taught (and perhaps you were too) from an early age how to hide myself.

The process of recovering aspects of myself, meant I would meet some profanely edgy places within myself which needed my self acceptance, my commitment to personal work, and finding ways to reveal these more uncovered authentic parts of myself to the world around me.

Revealing who I really am as a woman – desires, wants, needs, aspirations, dreams and more, was and still is, the most cutting edge sacred transformational work I’ve done, and continue to do!

Almost immediately into the work of self-ownership, I soon realized how sacred the path of being a Realized Woman was going to be in my life! 

These parts I deemed not okay were loaded with wisdom and guidance stemming from sacred intuition and untapped potential inside of me.

Almost immediately life felt like artistry, fulfillment, and most of all, freedom!

I want this for all women!

Women, let’s immerse ourselves into the undoing of these ways together, and realign ourselves with passionate embodiment of purpose, sexuality, and thriving relationships!

Are you in?

10 Topics Covered During the Immersion:

  1. Waking up to My Woman? Why Other Women? Why Her Truth Matters!
  2. Sitting At The Altar of Our Origins.
  3. Let’s Unpack Our Womanly Baggage.
  4. The Art of Owning Our Emotional Triggers.
  5. Owning Our Wylie Woman.
  6. Relationship Part One – Wanting It So Badly.
  7. Relationship Part Two – A Thriving Path Of Sacred Purpose.
  8. Embodied Sexuality Part One – How To Own The Sex In Your Body.
  9. Embodied Sexuality Part Two – Love Me Tender And Fuck Me Good.
  10. Realize Your Woman.


    It’s not a thought, but a feeling.

    It’s the wild woman inside of me,

    that keeps me strong despite the storm.

    It’s a strange and sometimes subtle truth.

    It’s louder than ever before.

    ~Lyra Brown

Dates: January 24th 2018 – March 28th. 

Cost: $850

Early bird price of $775 starts now and ends Jan 1st 2018

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