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Group Events

I have a number of upcoming and ongoing events.

What they all have in common is using relationships as a means of greater self-understanding, growth, and authentic connection. These group events are a wonderful way to get to know me and my work, while also experiencing a deeper connection to others in your community.

Here is a list of ongoing and upcoming events:

Living Realized New Moon Women’s Ceremony – (overnight commitment).
As a Living Realized Woman ~ Ceremony has become a way of life that allows me to disconnect from my day-to-day, from technology, and all the many ways in which I’m identified and go deep into my experience as woman and obtain a place of vulnerability with women that allows to reveal myself safely and wholly.
Living Realized invites women to band together through the sacred arts of ceremony, as we tend to heart and souls of each other during these changing times. Each ceremony has a different topic, feel, flavor and approach to it.
We plan to leave no experience overlooked. Living Realized ceremonies comes with certified facilitation, food for dinner and brunch, accommodations (although we may need you to provide your bedding), yoga, movement, breath-work, circling, chanting and more!!
The next ceremony will be just before, but in time for, the January New Moon of 2015 – January 17th – 2015.

Monthly Group for Young Women

As young women, it is especially difficult to not define oneself through relationship. This group will help young women find themselves and their own voices, and in so doing be able to enter relationships more consciously, willingly, and with better boundaries.


All Things Relational

For all styles and types of relationship: single and attracting, just entering, wanting to refresh or repair, or exiting/ending.

As the creator of this group, I’m ready to be an active part of the transparency, sharing vulnerably where my life is, or isn’t working relationally to self, my beloved, my daughter, my career and community. 

This event is currently underway, and is now closed.