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Sujana Lorena Palazzo

Lorena Palazzo

My name is Lorena, and I am a Life and Relationship Coach. I work with men, women and couples assisting them find the wisdom and freedom in the places where they are the most stuck in life.

In 2008 I completed the Transformational Coach and Leadership Training through Authentic World, LLC. After graduating, I founded Living Realized, LLC and have since become a community leader in the arena of men and women’s work, relationship, and transformational workshops.

The work of Living Realized centers around the art of welcoming all aspects ourselves – known and unknown – and the ways in which we cannot, or will not, own truth with ourselves, or each other, because we do not wish to risk loosing love or connection.

My own life experiences provided the perfect background for this work. I was born to Italian parents in Australia, lived through a far-from-ideal home life that caused me to run away for good in my teen years.

Many years later I came back to my story to learn more about how it defined and constrained me, and this forced me (in good ways) to learn more about my purpose as single woman and also as a woman in relationship. Because of this, I understand both the process and the pitfalls of self-discovery.

I coach people to see the places where they may be compromising themselves, or tolerating less than their full potential. This has huge benefits in the areas of career, life purpose, relationship with family, and romantic partnership.

My work is driven by my deeply held conviction that the world is in dire need of more deeply awakened individuals, relationships and visionaries. Behind all the beautiful noise of our life, right under our noses, exists the deeper purpose and function of our relationships awaiting discovery.

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In 2008 I left my abusive husband with my 1 year old son and $500 to my name. With the support of family and friends, I found an apartment, got a job teaching kindergarten, and started writing as a means of self-expression; a way to find connection with others. After my marriage dissolved, I pursued personal growth work, and realized that due to a traumatic childhood of sexual abuse and parents who were supportive, but not emotionally available, my attachment wounding influenced my poor choices in relationships. Over the past 9 years I have worked with my own therapists, studied authentic relating and leadership, became a certified health coach, and through my writing, became an international sex, dating and relationship expert.

The more I write about my experiences, the more I heal, recognize my own shadows, and improve my relationships with myself and others.

When I met Lorena in 2015, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of her work and vision for the world: living the power of my truth. Through mentorship with Lorena, I learned that if it wasn’t for my father who avoided expressing his feelings, or my mom who expected me to grow up at a too young of an age, and didn’t even notice when her boyfriend was molesting me, I wouldn’t be the woman I am proud to be today. I am a woman who is committed to owning my own needs, desires, and exactly where I am at. I believe that I am here to hold space and teach others how to express themselves, be vulnerable, and create the relationships they have always wanted.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time in my community with friends, circling, leading events, dancing, soaking up the sunshine, hiking the beautiful mountains of Boulder, and traveling to the beach whenever I can.

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