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Desire and Boundaries

Finger Touching Water 01


Desire and Boundaries

Erupting sensations
exist in the spaces
between you and I
impulse to move
toward a

The idea of your touch
seems so far away
and yet you’re here
eyes gazing
your fingers
about to touch

So slow
is time
in this moment
if I will it
and I do
our movement
my skin anticipates

Leaning in
I sense a space
worthy of attention
I (more…)

Oh To Be Danced


To be danced

Movement met with intention of equal tension in hands, eyes, embrace, grip and movement. Allowing surrender to flow equally between partners, to allow and to command the sharing of intimate dance space.

On Saturday night, under the stars, to the magnificent, melodic and sensual sounds of Future Primitive – I was danced.
By a stranger, or was he…?
Or perhaps a twin soul of (more…)


When a man tracks my female and very feminine ways (circular spontaneous flow) by leaning in and naming his desire to better understand, slow down, and track how or why I’m moving in the directions I am.

Wishes to better understand me for the reactions and decisions I’m making by welcoming these parts of me with his curiosity, not changing me, has fervor for being connected with me, and has (more…)



Revealing anything I deem as (big) in the realm of  “causing loss or creating waves” I mitigate with strategies to stay safe.

Then I learned, in not owning and revealing but instead mitigating with strategy or as I like to call this posturing, I disconnect deeply from self.

And then I also learned, that when I’m disconnected from self I behave rather strangely.

Outcome: I collapse into (more…)

Leaning vs Leaning out (more on Artful Intimacy).


Leaning in when something hurts VS leaning out.

[Leaning out could look like, reaction deploying actions such as; care taking, shutting down, shaming, blaming, needing to be right, collapsing, posturing, withholding love/care etc]

**Instead you could consciously choose to lean in and:

Stay with yourself and other – Remember your pain isn’t always their fault. They too maybe experiencing (more…)

Artful Intimacy




Artful Intimacy

[The practice of Positive Regard and Care]

Regardless the person, situation and experience, can you choose to hold it in positive regard and care?

With the same amount of positive regard and care you hold for yourself.

Balanced positive regard and care between you and other, may allow you to defuse reactions such as:

– Taking things personally

Fear is not the enemy


I saw the faces of those who died and I wept.

And I’m still weeping because now the tears belong to all the sadness that exist within me.

For all the ways in which we miss each other, not hear, welcome and respect each other, or love and regard each other.

For all the ways I’ve missed you, not heard you, not welcomed you, disrespected you, forgot to hold you in regard and love!!

We (more…)




I’m struck by the preciousness of intimate connection.

Blown away by the idea that we are gifting each other attention and interest.

In awe of the ‘we’ space and how profound of a teacher it truly is.

I have taken for granted how precious a gift these aspects are in intimate relationships and connections!

What a gift it is to find a human to connect with, be with, lean in, (more…)

His Way


–His way–

His voice whispers a tone I hear clearly, calling me forth and pulling me in

He relaxes me into desire, designing me into states lingered with sensations unexplored and unexperienced

His caresses announce his awareness of care, and seduction

His awareness acute with intelligence, informs his willingness to name what’s true

His desire fueled by masculine embodiment, (more…)