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Lorena’s Story


My name is Lorena and I am the founder and teacher of Living Realized.

Here’s a snippet of my story…

As a young child and teen I experienced abandonment, sexual, physical and emotional abuse.  I survived life mainly through lying, running away, using sex appeal, and skillfully manipulating life to hide myself from others ever knowing me on a deep level. I seemed to somehow manage the fundamentals in life. I was often surprised by getting away with things or falling on my feet in “a seemingly” successful way. However, although “life was seemingly successful” in the background I was suffering. I felt so much shame and guilt about my origin and upbringing, that I thought it best to keep that to myself. Since I couldn’t make any sense of why a person would be born into such hardship, I figured the next best thing was to be something different from who I was, and fake it till I made it. As I grew older, experiences began to compile into similar outcomes. Nothing ever seem to take traction or stay sustainable. I would somehow hit a crossroad or life would deteriorate into dysfunction and once that was happening I would inevitably find a way to run away. And I would. Be it divorce. Or loss of job. Or running away from home. Or country. Somehow I would find a way out. As these experiences compiled, I also had an awareness growing inside of me that something needed to shift. This couldn’t keep happening. I could hear the need and desire to make sense of my life grow deeper and louder.

Eventually the need to listen took over!

I delved into many forms of self-help; therapy, groups, seminars, books and more. I even decided to become a life/relationship coach in service of supporting myself and others to have a more fulfilled life.
One day I had a Realization that shifted me and my life completely. That the only way to  breakthrough and have life make sense, was to Realize and Live my life in  full transparent acceptance of where I came from and to teach others how to Live their Life in a more Realized Way!

Traction – Sustainability – Freedom – Self-Worth –  are my rewards!
These became possible when instead of running I turned toward myself. I chose to (as best I could) welcome hidden aspects from the background of my life into the foreground, like a welcomed friends, guides and teachers. The brevity of owning as much of myself gave me the natural power to release and up level life.

When you’re in session or in group with me, we’ll discover the transformative power that Realizing your Life has on some of your biggest blocks. What was once your block and enemy to life, now becomes your ally and teacher.

Be ready to risk it all, in service of Living a More Realized Life!!

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