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Welcome to Living the Power of Your Own Truth! 

addtext_com_MTgwNTAxNTAzMTAEarly in life we learn to hide distinct and important aspects of who we are from each other and ourselves. This leads to separation and disconnection which in turn impedes our ability for intimacy, closeness and trust within relationships, be it personal, family or professional. Living Realized assists people in unlocking the hidden and trapped aspects of the self that we deem not okay, and turn these major contributing aspects into allies, guides and teachers. People who experience Living Realized techniques learn quickly the benefit of living the power of their own truth! What does it mean to live a Realized life? It means living in accordance to the tenants below. 

Tenants of Living Realized:

  • Ownership of Authentic Self
  • Truth and Transparency
  • Integrative Techniques 
  • Authentic Communication
  • Development of Relational Awareness 
  • Self Acceptance and Possibility
  • Guidance from all of our parts (shadow too).
  • Wholeness Practices 

What becomes possible when we learn how to live by these tenants? 

When we live in sync with our authentic selves, we experience less fear because owning our truth becomes our guide. This gives us the opportunity to manage ourselves less, and have more internal room for a life of fulfillment, where we are able to stop hiding from ourselves and others.

Living Realized Events and Offerings:

Coaching — Customized for the specific needs of the client, individuals, couples, and colleagues can work with Living Realized Coaches to unlock your potential with alignment, deepen connections in relationships, and reach a greater alignment and reach a greater sense of freedom and direction in life.

Women’s Groups — 10 week closed groups where women tend, assist, provoke and invoke each other’s growth, and assist each other into truth, embodiment, health, vitality and purpose.

Ceremonies and Retreats for Women and Couples — Sit in ceremony with other women or couples and experience the possibility of conscious connection, intimacy, ritual, community, and the wisdom of our inner knowing, while staying in relationship with others. If you are interested in learning more please contact me for details.